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Script Writing
The writers

How to Audition as a Writer


  • Send a sample of your writing along with a clear statement of intention to work as a script writer to Although the episodes will be in script format, we do not require your audition pieces to be as such. We would prefer writing featuring Project Canada characters or Hetalia, but this is not necessary. Writers of all levels who are open to accepting constructive criticism and learning are welcome to apply for a position.
  • If you have been accepted, you should hear back from us within 72 hours! We may send some comments and constructive criticisms as well.

Writer Requirements

  • Creativity: It is necessary for your writing to demonstrate an understanding of the characters and their potential to be multi-faceted. Simply writing off of stereotypes or surface-level "canon" will not make your writing stand out. Please consult the reference section or the brainstorming sections of the forum to gain an understanding of some of the characters, and feel free to join the discussion!
  • Legibility: A basic grasp of grammar, syntax, and diction is essential. Because most of the writing for the project will be dialog, we will pay special attention to this in your writing. A few grammatical or spelling errors are fine if they can be edited, but if we cannot understand your writing, it is unlikely that our VAs or our audience will.
  • Respect: We are dealing with history and representing personifications of places inhabited by real people, and we want to avoid portraying characters only as flat, negative stereotypes as much as possible. As a result, a respect for history and culture is essential. In addition, we are open to a variety of headcanons as there is no one definite way to interpret history, so we also ask that you have a respect for others and their headcanons. Although a strong knowledge of history is not necessary, presenting false history or anachronisms as serious fact is counter-intuitive to our educational goals.
  • Availability: We need to be able to contact you on the forum as well as either through skype, tumblr, twitter, facebook, or by email. You need to be relatively active on the forum to make sure you are aware of what is going on. If your tumblr url changes or changes often, we need to be notified so we can get in touch with you.


  • Historical/Cultural Knowledge: This is not absolutely essential for being a writer as there are many people on the forum who are willing to share and discuss their cultural and academic knowledge as well as how to best portray it. We're looking for someone with the ability to organize information in a fun, engaging, and respectful way. While it is certainly useful to have a historical background, we are looking for storytellers who are interested in learning and open to working with a variety of headcanons.

Writing for the Project

  • Writing for the project, although not necessarily for your audition, must feature themes about Canada or the 13 provinces and territories. Like the I Am Matthewian Project, we aim to touch on Canadian history, culture, and current events. Sensitive issues will require collaboration and discussion, and we must abide by YouTube's rules and regulations as far as our rating goes: no copyright infringement, explicit violence, or graphic sexual situations. Keep in mind that our audience base ranges from pre-teens to adults. Anything you are not sure about will be read and approved of by admins before being accepted.  
  • You are welcome to either write alone or collaborate with other script writers depending on the work in question. There is a section on the forum specifically for writers to discuss and collaborate on episodes, but don't forget to take advantage of the more public parts of the forum for brainstorming!
  • On the subject of working with artists, you are free to describe as much or as little in the artistic direction as you think is appropriate. However, please be aware that art is the most difficult and time consuming of all of the positions. Do not punish the artists by giving them too much work! A two minute scene can be a snap for the VAs, but as many as 30 individual images for an artist. Be kind to them! Consistency is also a major issue for artists, so giving as much information as possible about expression, gestures, clothing, environment, and other details is very helpful for them. If they are not present in your script, be prepared to answer questions about them.  
  • Please consult the forum ("Scripts" > "In Progress") for more information on the format of the script to use!

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Script Writing
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