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Other positions
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  • Administrators are appointed by existing admins and contacted because they are felt to be competent and trustworthy. There are no more than three admins at any given time. They are not open for auditions.


  • There is currently one available moderator position
  • You can get in contact with the administrator if you are interested in one of the moderator positions. We are very selective about appointing moderators. In order to be a moderator, you must:

    1. Be active on the forum
    2. Be able to answer questions regarding the project
    3. Be available and responsible
    4. Be able to express yourself easily and professionally
    5. Be fair in your judgment

  • Mods are responsible for keeping discussion on the forum respectful and may need to issue warnings to users who violate the rules. They cannot delete or ban accounts, but communicate with the admins.  


  • At this time, the admins are editing the files. If help is needed, they will make an announcement. You are free to contact the admins to offer help so that they can keep you in mind for the future!

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Other positions
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