Submissions and Temporary Positions

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Submissions and Temporary Positions
Open to Cast, Crew, and Fans

Interested in writing, drawing, or voice acting for the project, but not ready for a full time commitment? Submit your work or recommend a piece for adaptation to us at!

Submission Rules and Guidelines

  • Submissions are open to fans as well as existing cast and crew. You do not need to be a member of the forum to submit.
  • The piece you submit must be either your own work or credited properly to someone that we can get in contact with to ask their permission.
  • All content guidelines for full time script writers and artists apply. This includes a respect for history and mindfulness of characterization, as well as avoiding explicit graphic violence or sexual situations! We also want to avoid overtly romantic shipping and prefer situations that can be read as either romantic or platonic by the audience. (Flirting is fine!)
  • If we adapt your piece, we might need to consult you on artistic or voice direction, so it is important we are able to contact you, preferably by email or on the forum.
  • We may offer constructive criticism if we feel that your work is not ready for an adaptation, but don't lose heart! However, we do reserve the right to refuse submissions we deem inappropriate, offensive, or that promote misinformation.

Temporary Positions

Every so often, our existing cast and crew may be busy, sick, or absent altogether! We invite those who are not full time cast/crew to take on temporary roles which will be posted below. Submit your audition to, specifying your interest in a temporary position.

  • You will have to audition for temporary roles just as you would for a full time position, but you will not be expected to hold a permanent position! Easy, right? Check the rest of the audition faq for more information.
  • You do not need to join the forum or be an existing member of cast and crew to take on a temporary role, but both forum members and existing cast and crew are welcome to audition for temporary roles. We will need to be able to contact you, however, preferably through email.
  • Temporary Artists and VAs are welcome to "upgrade" to full time positions if we like the audition and you have shown yourself to be reliable!

Current Temporary Artist Positions

[None yet!]

Current Temporary Voice Actor Positions

  • England
  • France
  • America
  • Chibi America

Interested? Read more under Other Positions under the VA FAQ

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Submissions and Temporary Positions
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